Speed Up Your Drive-Thru Service

How speedy is your drive-thru service? The answer can have a significant impact on the profitability of your QSR (quick-service restaurant) as well as your ability to succeed in a competitive environment. Restaurants generate up to 70% of their sales through the drive-thru and that number is steadily growing as more customers want their food on the go. Increasing the speed of your drive-thru service provides happier customers and your ability to serve more of them, ensuring increased revenue and profitability in your restaurant.

There are a variety of ways to boost your drive-thru’s speed of service. Make sure that your signs are easy to read and that customers can see an order confirmation screen to help speed up service and reduce errors. An order recall screen can let your cashiers make changes to an order without having to delete the original one and re-enter it. Automatic windows that are ‘hands-free’ operated cut the time it takes for cashiers to deliver food while a POS system that has a fast-tender feature that predicts the amount of cash a customer is likely to pay and displays the proper change does the same. Multiple drive-thru windows and pullaway lanes also help significantly reduce wait times and bottlenecks in your drive-thru lane. The below resource describes more about the importance of a speedy drive-thru.

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