Advice When You Are Designing Your Dream Family Bathroom

When you have been saving money to pay for the renovation of your family bathroom and starting the design phase, various factors can help ensure you create the perfect family bathroom. There are tricks you can use then can help you maximise your use of space and make your bathroom look bigger, as well as ones to help you save money on the cost of your renovation project. Below are some of the things you must consider when designing your dream family bathroom that can help ensure your dreams match reality.

Consider Making It A Wet Room]

Consider making your bathroom a wet room, so it does not matter if the floor gets wet, and it is much easier to maintain. You can include underfloor heating, so the bathroom floor is warm in winter, and using bathroom plasterboard ensures no moisture will get through the walls. It is often ideal for smaller bathrooms with little space available and can help you maximise your use of a small space.

Open Up The Window

Many bathrooms have small windows, and it is an excellent idea to replace the window in your bathroom with a larger one to let more light into it. It can help brighten your bathroom and make it a more pleasant space, and you will want to be able to open it easily and have opaque windowpanes so people cannot see inside.

Do You Really Need A Bath?

It is worth asking yourself this question whether you have to have a bath in your bathroom or not, as getting rid of it can give you much more space. Most people have showers as they use less hot water and are more convenient, with some hardly ever using the bath n their homes. Getting rid of the bathtub can allow you to include features in your design you did not have space for previously, like storage space in your bathroom.

Include Plenty Of Storage

You will also want to include suitable storage for your bathroom to ensure that it does not look messy and cluttered when it is done. If you have the space available, you can build storage in your bathroom that is ideal for storing towels, soaps, shower gel, shampoo, and many other items you typically find in bathrooms. Having lots of storage helps you keep it tidy, making cleaning the family bathroom a much easier task.

Large Mirrors In Your Bathroom

You should also ensure you have mirrors in your bathroom; getting a larger one can help make your family bathroom look bigger. You can have a large mirror on a wall and use mirrored bathroom cabinets to maximise your use of space and increase storage space, killing two birds with one stone.

Your Bathroom Lighting

The electric lights you use in your bathroom are another factor to consider when designing your family bathroom. You will want to use light fittings that you can use LED lights in, which are energy efficient and last longer than traditional lightbulbs and can reduce your energy bills. Moveable spotlights are a suitable choice for a bathroom, as they allow you to maximise the light in the areas you need most.

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